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Change your world

Founder of BodyMindBusiness, Debra Jones, helps people reclaim the way they work, think, and live with a combination of coaching, creating efficiencies and sexy systems!

The brief for a brand refresh was simple, yet daunting. “Create something you can’t see at first, but once you see it you can’t be unseen”.

After a “creativity workshop” to understand the business more deeply we developed an approach that would appeal to both “corporates” and “moms”.

Using the symbol of a butterfly is relevant to the “transformative” nature of Debra’s work, but it needed to be more special. Early in the process the idea of incorporating the initials of the company, BMB, was proposed.

The result, after much creative collaboration with Debra (sharing sketches and ideas), involved extensive exploration to craft the final monogram. The symbol is bold and robust, whilst maintaining a flexibility to keep the identity alive.

“Change your world” has been adopted as a new descriptor for the business and the butterfly comes alive in animation for YouTube videos.



  • Creative workshop
  • Customer analysis


  • Messaging


  • Visual identity
  • Documentation
  • Animation