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Russia’s #1 online retailer

Ozon, Russia’s leading online retailer was established in 2003 as an online book seller. It has since diversified to sell a wide range of household goods, clothing and media, as well as a premium travel service and a delivery service that is used by other online retailers.

Brand definition and tone of voice
As well as a define brand, tone of voice was developed to work across all areas of the business and customer experience, using the values as a foundation. This approach made it easier for the team to distinguish between technical content, direct customer communication and service/quality/value messaging.

Brand architecture
After establishing the brand blueprint and messaging, we developed a new visual identity (including a monolithic approach to sub-brands).

Communications platform
Vital to the Ozon visual identity is an easy to implement communications platform; a series of principles that can work across a diverse range of products and services, whilst having the flexibility for seasonal and targeted campaigns for specific audiences.

Technical guidelines
With a set of detailed technical guidelines delivered, the team in Moscow are implementing the identity across all on-line, off-line and corporate communications.



  • Audit
  • Brand workshops (in Russia)
  • Stakeholder interviews (in Russia)


  • Brand definition
  • Brand architecture


  • Visual identity
  • Communications platform
  • Tone of voice and messaging
  • Technical guidelines