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Rockar is a recognised and award winning leading authority in the car retail omni-channel space.

The founders approached us to develop a new name and brand to take the concept to investors as the working title ‘iCar’ was not seen as unique enough in the market. Through a process of immersion with the team we developed a brand proposition and the new name; Rockar. The initial identity was used to sell the platform prior to retailers coming onboard.

The Rockar platform is totally unique and empowers customers to do everything they can do in a dealer but from the comfort of their own home, allowing customers to transact online themselves in one seamless process. Customers bypass the traditional car buying process which is often perceived to involve pushy salespeople, daunting car showrooms and confusing pricing structures.

It is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, Rockar tailor projects and platforms to suit customer needs and business objectives. Rockar has worked with a range of including clients including Hyundai, Ford of Britain, Mitsubishi and the showcase Jaguar Land Rover.



  • Audit
  • Stakeholder interviews


  • Brand definition


  • Naming
  • Brand identity creation (interim)
  • Brand identity guidelines

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