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Soak&Sleep (previously known as DAPW – Duvet and Pillow Warehouse) is a leading on-line retailer of duvets, pillows, bed linen, matresses and towels.

Neither the original name (DAPW), the logo or the look and feel of their materials reflected the aspiration for the brand to become the dominant player in its field. The decision was made to rebrand the company with a new name and visual identity.

Soak&Sleep, the new name, reflects its broader product offering, whilst being engaging and relevant. The new logotype adopts a more playful approach to reflect a more customer friendly brand.

Beyond the name and logotype, a new set of elements were established that give the brand personality and playfulness whilst maintaining an overall feeling of trust. These were documented in technical guidelines alongside a brand book to engage employees with the change of strategy.

Vital to this was a new style for photography which elevated the products to a more desirable level. Combining these lifestyle images with hand drawn illustrations re-inforced the everyday nature of the products. Quick drawn sketches have been used to illustrate products, raw material, icons and seasonal campaigns.

PIN Creative  led the overall creative direction for the business for 12 months including the development of the Magento web platform and a greater focus on social content.



  • Audit
  • Brand workshops


  • Brand platform creation
  • Naming
  • Transition strategy


  • Visual identity creation
  • Technical guidelines
  • Brand guidelines
  • Mangento web implementation
  • Press advertising
  • Video storyboards
  • Off-line marketing
  • Packaging

In August 2015, Which? revealed that Soak&Sleep was voted the highest rated duvet brand with a score of 96%, coming from nowhere to beat Ikea (87%) and John Lewis (86%) in customer satisfaction.

“The rebranding has made a significant difference to our business performance and growth. PIN’s focus on creativity combined with a relentless attention to detail in the delivery has given us a brand that is loved by both customers and employees alike.”

Charlie Hunt
Founder and CEO

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