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Name your brand

Would you like a unique name for your business?
Would you like to learn tips for naming that will get your brand noticed?
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Follow this link to access the brand naming course which is delivered by video and accompanying worksheets across 5 modules with tips to help you create your own brand name. The course is hosted on the platform

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If you’re unsure if you should use your personal brand name or create a corporate brand name, then why not try this quiz.

Name Your Brand

Untangle your brand

Ask me anything about your brand. Using my experience and intuition I will address what is most important and suggest actions you can work with straight away.

I know how to untangle brand problems that you might have been wrestling with for weeks, months or even years.

  • is the brand aligned with the business vision?
  • are customers connecting with the offer?
  • are products and services well organised?
  • can you evolve without losing the good stuff?
  • what are the quick fixes or bigger issues?

Book an action call

How it works

  • Pre-call questionnaire
  • Video call addressing your specific questions
  • Action list follow-up
  • Fees £99
  • Paid via PayPal

What people say

“When I started working with Nigel, I knew something in my branding was off, I just didn’t know what. It is a pleasure to work with Nigel, he’s very experienced and creative. He makes you comfortable and comes up with great insights. The brand clarity direction has provided me with so many insights on my brand business.

Yvonne Dam

Helping driven business owners to double their turnover not their hours by 1:1 online coaching

August 2020

“The Action Call with Nigel was a great sounding board for ideas and highlighted all the things to think about moving forwards. He is a fountain of knowledge and the opportunity to speak to somebody so experienced before you make big branding decisions is invaluable.

Jane Quinn

Helping people communicate with impact and influence with online coaching.

September 2020