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Untangle your brand

Ask me anything about your brand. Using my experience and intuition I will address what is most important and suggest actions you can work with straight away.

I know how to untangle brand problems that you might have been wrestling with for weeks, months or even years.

  • is the brand aligned with the business vision?
  • are customers connecting with the offer?
  • are products and services well organised?
  • can you evolve without losing the good stuff?
  • what are the quick fixes or bigger issues?

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How it works

  • Pre-call questionnaire
  • Video call addressing your specific questions
  • Action list follow-up
  • Fees £99
  • Paid via PayPal

What people say

“I’ve worked with Nigel on two completely different branding projects, one for a trade association and another for a business partnership. What stands out from his approach is the work that is put in to really understand the client and the issues. His creative ideas are therefore always rigorously thought through.

Will Roberts

Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Energy UK

February 2013

“Illuminated and happy! That’s how I felt after working with Nigel. He helped me untangle my brand with his clear process and wise counsel. Nigel shared concepts that allowed me to see the possibilities for what could be done with my brand in the future. Reach out to Nigel Davies when you need brand clarity .

Deborah Ager

Helping coaches attract new clients by teaching them to write high-quality content

September 2020