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Happy another year

Happy another year

One year is a long time in business. Three years is, well, three times longer.

In January 2020, I chose to keep working as an independent brand consultant after taking a year off for health reasons. I wasn't sure if I still could do it, but I knew I liked branding even more than the idea of opening a record shop. (That’s how much I enjoy branding).

There were three specific things that I did.

Share everything I know

First, following the advice of long-term collaborator Grahame Jones, I wrote down all I knew about branding to share it with anyone who wanted to learn more. That turned into the "Transform Your Brand" course which is now open for applications for the next intake.

Find out more about Transform Your Brand here>>

Get more visible

Second, I signed up for Helen Tudor's free 5-Day Challenge to "Get more leads from LinkedIn". I was unsure if it would work, but it was a great success for me. It could be successful for you too! And it starts this Monday.

Sign up for the free LinkedIn challenge here>>

Talk about my passion

Finally (or should that be Vinylly), I'd never really combined my love of music with my love of branding until I kept getting asked about my background in Zoom meetings. Now I generally chat about music recommendations at the start of meetings and share playlists with clients. It's even helped in pitches!!!

Subscribe to my Spotify playlists here>>

Don't just plan for the next 12 months. It may take longer to see results, but it's never too late to start.

Keep on branding.


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