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How do you keep on generating content?

How do you keep on generating content?

When I signed up for Deborah Ager’s 5-Day Content Writing Sprint, I knew that visibility would be important to grow my business and that to gain visibility I needed content. But was unsure where to focus.

This is a snapshot of what I learned.


Content. Everything I’ve written about is from my experience and what’s the point of marketing if that doesn’t lead to sales.
Converts. As part of the process, I have better tools, messages and processes that ensure I can make the most of an opportunity.
Clients. New customers have chosen to work with me as a direct result of this work.
Creates. Working with clients is central to solving real issues which generates ideas for new content, that converts, new clients, creates new content….

I call it “Spiral growth”. The growth that is constantly feeding into your business. 

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