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Marketing. Sales. Branding. Which is most important?

Marketing. Sales. Branding. Which is most important?

Which brand would you always buy something from, no matter what it was?

I’ve only ever bought Apple computers (but did buy Nokia phones before they released the iPhone).
I only buy Sony TVs and have no idea if others are any better really.
And I would buy anything that New Order released (without listening to it first, even if I’ve already got it).

Which brands do you buy from without thinking about it?

Successful brands can persuade you to buy a product before you even really know what it is. This makes the sales process so much smoother. 

Marketing is how you get a product in front of your customer.
Sales is the process of persuading someone to exchange money for that product/service.
Branding creates the desire for your product. Give customers a compelling reason to purchase. 

Without a strong brand, you have to do more heavy lifting in the marketing and sales process to get people to buy. Ready and willing customers queuing up to buy the next big thing. Who doesn’t want that?

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