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Squid; Bright Green Field (2021)

Squid; Bright Green Field (2021)

Sometimes it can be lame to describe how music sounds when it can be a very personal interpretation. But it helps. When Squid described their music to NME as being “the Coronation Street theme tune played on flutes by angry children” I was naturally curious. (They are also signed to Warp Records, another tick in the curiosity box).

There’s an abundance of bands around labelled post-punk. Squid are one. Snapped Ankles, Dry Cleaning, Black Country New Road, Black Midi are others. There’s plenty more (but these are the albums that Rough Trade has sent me recently). All musically talented, experimental, creative. Great live.

Surely everything since punk has been post-punk?
The last time music changed everything; fashion, art and culture.

So, what is it?

Slightly shouty.
Angular guitars.
Random jazz.
Krautrock staccato.
Plonky electronics.

Wire. Can. Neu. Fall.
Bands I never listened to at the time (I was 10 years old).

But I am catching up with the latest generation.

Listen to Squid; Bright Green Fields

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