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Thanks. Giving. Thanks.

Thanks. Giving. Thanks.

Over the past 12 months I’ve met, collaborated, and worked with many fantastic businesses based in the US. 

I can’t name the corporate projects I’m working on (naming strategy and rebranding projects) or the people still considering working with me or wishing to network more in the future.

But I would like to give thanks to three specific business owners I have worked with.

Rachael Spiewak Digital Community Architect
Rachael has advised hundreds of people on how to make the most of their digital community. I joined her “Cool Kids Table” and I’m neither cool nor a kid.
Join Rachael's Masterclass

Allison Davis
Learn how to attract clients, share your value and close more B2B sales with a system that's authentic and human, with Allison’s Mastermind. She delivers. The least salesy sales sell ever. 
Join Allison's Mastermind

Deborah Ager
Deborah has guided and supported me and is totally awesome and generous. Never again feel unsure what to say in your copy or worry that you’re not flashy enough to get eyeballs online.
Join Deborah's Mastermind

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your families, friends, partners, collaborators, networkers, sales leads, communities, coaches, clients, customers, contacts, followers.

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